Remote Printing

Redirect a print job on the remote computer to a printer attached to the machine providing assistance. This may prove particularly useful where the software required to open and print the file is only available on the remote computer.

Where enabled, Remote Printing installs the Solarwinds Remote Printer Driver for this session, the driver is automatically removed on session close.

To aid identification when simultaneously connected to multiple computers, the Printer Driver includes the session number. For example, select Solarwinds Remote Printer [#1234567890] as the printer name.

When the technician opts to print the file, an XPS (XML Paper Specification) is created on the remote computer then transferred to the technicianÂ’s device. This displays in the file transfer dialog allowing the technician to cancel the job if required. For example, the file was far larger than anticipated.

Once the transfer completes, a print dialog is displayed to the technician allowing them to select and configure the local printer or cancel the print job.

The technician can also setup a Local Default Printer in the Interactions menu and skip the local print dialog.

Enable Remote Printing and install Remote Printer Driver

  1. Go to the footer menu
  2. Click Interactions > Enable Remote Printing
  3. Installs the Remote Printer Driver for the session

Windows Vista Module Requirement

Depending on the computer’s setup, a module may be required to support XPS on Windows Vista.

  1. Windows key + r
  2. Enter control appwiz.cpl
  3. Add/Remote Windows Features
  4. Enable the available XPS options
  5. For example, XPS Viewer under Microsoft .NET Framework X
  6. OK to apply and save