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Remote Monitoring and Management

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This section covers Proactive Monitoring of Windows (servers and workstations), Linux (servers) and Mac (workstations) using 24x7 and Daily Safety Checks, Managing Devices and Checks, External Links and Monitoring Toolsets.


In addition to Proactive Maintenance via Script Checks (Windows and Linux) and Automated Tasks (Windows).


Remote Access through Take Control (Windows or Mac computers), the Remote Support Agent and Alternative Remote Access (Remote Desktop) (both Windows only).


Microsoft and other vendor Patch Management for Windows.


Access the Dashboard and Wall Chart over the standard URLs, or create your own Custom Branded URL and setup your Dashboard Security settings.


Alerting and Viewing covers various aspects of the system including Alerting and Dashboard Users


The various available reports are covered in System Reporting whilst Integration incorporates the Data Extraction API and PSA Integration