Install, Update and Uninstall - Red Hat Family

There are a variety of methods to download, install and update the Linux Monitoring Agent via the Linux Agent Repository using YUM, deployment using RPM (Red Hat Package Management)or even downloading and installing the Agent manually.

But we suggest adding the rmmagent repository available from the following locations to manage these processes.

Each supported distribution and build has its own unique directory containing the relevant files and information for downloading, installing and updating the Linux Monitoring Agent:




http://repos.*/rmmagent/Fedora_16/                +





http://repos.*/rmmagent/RHEL_4/                +



+ A package is available, but we no longer test or develop for these distributions and as such the Agent is provided as is.

Every build repository incorporates a specific .repo file for that location, with the required information to add the repository to the target device. http://repos.*/rmmagent/distribution/rmmagent.repo

A repodata folder including the GPG repomd.xml.key required to authenticate the digital signature of any packages downloaded from the repository. http://repos.*/rmmagent/distribution/repodata/repomd.xml.key

The RPM packages for the target distribution and architecture, i386 and x86_64, stored in the relevant sub-directory.



As there are two types of package available, please ensure the correct RPM is selected based on the architecture of the target device.

If unsure of the device architecture enter arch at the command prompt.

$ arch


To display information on the distribution enter cat /etc/redhat-release

$ cat /etc/redhat-release

CentOS release 5.8 (Final)

Further information and examples of the repository structure can be found in the Repositories section.