Install Viewer - Remote Background Management Advanced

Remote Background Management (Advanced) requires two elements. A host module on the Windows computer requiring assistance and a viewer on the device providing assistance (Windows or Mac).

Before launching a session, the Dashboard performs a viewer check and displays a viewer install prompt, where the viewer was not detected on the computer.

Rather than wait on this prompt, the user can install the viewer before starting the session.

  1. Go to Remote Access > Download Remote Background Viewer
  2. The Dashboard downloads a viewer compatible with your computer's Operating System.
  3. Unpack and run the installer

Install Viewer to a different location in Windows

By default the viewer installs to the APPDATA folder. If required, you can install it to a different location.

  1. Download the viewer to the device providing assistance.
  2. Open a command prompt on the device and navigate to the location of the downloaded file.
  3. Run the following command to install the viewer in the target folder:

RemoteBackgroundViewerInstall_Win.exe /D=Drive:\Folder

For example:

RemoteBackgroundViewerInstall_Win.exe /D=C:\TCViewer

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