Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Persistent Connection (Standard Edition)

Once Agent 9.1 RC or later is installed on a device it communicates with the Dashboard during the next 24x7 Agent upload cycle to retrieve information on the Remote Background Management infrastructure.

After the Agent has this information it will then establish a persistent, always-on connection to a Remote Background Management server ( If the Agent fails to establish a connection to a Remote Background Management server for any reason, it will retry on the next 24x7 upload cycle.

The Remote Background Management server then provides the address for one of its nodes ( for example Where the connection to this node fails the master server is re-queried for an alternative node address and if connection to this alternative node fails, the Agent will retry the process at the next 24x7 upload cycle.

The persistent connection is re-established whenever the Agent service is restarted and where the persistent connection is lost, the Agent will wait for a random period of time (up to five minutes) before attempting to re-establish the connection. If a 24x7 cycle occurs during this time, the connection will be re-established then.

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