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Proactive Maintenance (Automation)

There are a number of frequent, mundane and time-consuming jobs performed on a regular basis which soak up both your team's time and resources that could otherwise be spent dealing with more pressing issues.

Rather than carry out these jobs manually, we have incorporated the ability to automate them through scripting applying either default or custom Scripts as Script Checks and Automated Tasks (Windows and macOS).

We have provided Script Writing Guidelines but as not everyone has experience of scripting or programming, we have introduced the Automation Manager (previously known as the Script Builder) which (through its intuitive interface) allows you to quickly and easily create and test your own custom scripts before deploying to Windows devices

Windows Advanced Monitoring Agent 10.3.0 RC

Agent 10.3.0 RC incorporates a new scripting module which requires at least .NET Framework 4.5 to run. Rather than prompt the user to install or update the .NET framework on their Device, during the Agent installation or update process the Device is queried and where the installed version of .NET is less than 4.5, or is not installed on the Device, this component is silently updated to the required version. Please be aware that this process may take several minutes to complete.

On-Check Failure Automated Task

We have included the ability to run a Automated Tasks when a Check fails to, for example automatically dealing with cause of the failure, and with Dashboard 6.21 we have simplified its configuration process by incorporating the option to assign an On-Check Failure Automated Task when adding or editing a Check in the Checks tab for the Dashboard. Further information on this process is available in the section: On-Check Failure Automated Task

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