Patch Scan

The Patch Status Check (Scan) runs each day (depending on configuration) and performs a scan of the local machine. This information including missing patches and detected vulnerabilities (where selected) and is subsequently reported on the Dashboard.

Although not a configurable option, from Windows Monitoring Agent 10.3.4 (and later) a failed state is automatically triggered in the Patch Status Check where the scan results are not uploaded to the Dashboard within the expected timeframe.

Missing Patches

Missing Patches contains two alerting modes that determine how missing patches are handled. Regardless of the mode, missing patches are displayed against the Check on the Dashboard.

Alert Mode

Patch Status Check is reported as failed (red exclamation box on the Dashboard) and a notification sent - if Patch Status Check alerting is configured

Report Mode

Patch Status Check always reports as passed (green tick on the Dashboard) even where a missing patch is detected


By default the Patch Scan is scheduled runs at the same time as the Daily Safety Checks. As we realize this may not be the optimal time to run this intensive scan, on devices running Windows Monitoring Agent 10.5.8 or later you can setup a Patch Scan Schedule.

Regardless of the applied schedule, on-demand Patch Scans (Run Patch Scan) may be initiated from the device's context menu.

Three schedule options are available within the dialog.

DSC Cycle

Runs the Patch Scan at the same time as the Daily Safety Checks.

Manual Scan

Only run Patch Scan when manually initiated from the Dashboard

  1. Log into the Dashboard
  2. Multi-select the target devices (Shift and left-click for a range or Control and left-click for specific machines)
  3. Right-click on one of the selection (or from the Servers, Workstations or Devices drop-down)
  4. Go to Patch ManagementRun Patch Scan

Scheduled Scan

Choose the Scheduled Time and repetition for the scan: Daily/Weekly on one or more days of the week or Monthly date

The Monthly option is only available on devices running Windows Monitoring Agent 10.2.0 or later. Where the computer has an earlier version of the Agent installed, its schedule is set to DSC Cycle.

The Scheduled Time refers to the local time of the computer the Agent is installed on