Windows Update Issues

Automatic Update Service

Patch Management uses the Windows Update Agent (wuauserv service) when scanning for Microsoft patches. The service displays as Automatic Updates (pre-Vista) or Windows Update (post-Vista).

The wuauservservice is enabled by default and should start automatically on all Operating Systems, however if the service is disabled or not installed then the Windows Update Agent is not invokable and Patch Management will fail to detect any Microsoft patches.

  1. Logon to the device
  2. Click Windows key + R
  3. Enter services.msc
  4. Right click on Automatic Updates or Windows Update (wuauservservice), in the Services console
  5. Properties
  6. If the Startup type: is Disabled change this to Automatic.
  7. OK to save and apply and restart the service to apply

Windows Update Agent

Where the wuauservservice is configured correctly, there may be a problem with the Windows Update Agent itself. For example, a component is missing or its COM interface is unregistered.

There are three steps that can be taken which should alleviate the issue:

Perform a Windows Update scan of the local machine, this usually resolves this type of issue. Open Windows Update console and click Check for updates

Reset Windows Update components How do I reset Windows Update components?

Reinstall Windows Update Agent How to obtain the latest version of the Windows Update Agent to help manage updates on a computer

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