Is the Patch Management service installed and configured?

As part of the installation process Patch Management creates the GFI LanGuard Attendant Service on the device. Its default Startup Type setting is Automatic, and where problems are experienced it may be necessary to check its configuration, as well as ensure the service has the necessary permissions to run.

  1. Logon to the device
  2. Click Windows key + R
  3. Enter services.msc
  4. Right click on GFI LanGuard 11 Attendant Service, in the Services console
  5. Properties
  6. If the Startup type: is Disabled change this to Automatic
  7. OK to save and apply and restart the service to apply

Depending on the computers configuration, it may be necessary to run the service with elevated privileges.

  1. In the GFI LanGuard Attendant Service, Properties dialog (covered above)
  2. Click Log On
  3. In This account enter the credentials of the account you wish to use (for example the Domain or Local Administrator)
  4. OK out of the dialog once complete and restart the service to apply

To ensure you are alerted to any problems with this Patch Management Windows service, a GFI LanGuard Attendant Service Windows Service Check is automatically added when Patch Management is enabled on a device running Agent 10.3.4 or later.

Agent 10.3.4 also introduced a Patch Status Check enhancement to automatically trigger a failure if the scan results are not uploaded within the expected time-period.