Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Does Patch Management have the necessary files to run the Patch Status Check?

Are the download servers reachable?

Patch Management requires a number of files to successfully scan the computer and determine which patches are installed or missing. This section covers the troubleshooting steps to follow when logged on to the Device.

If the GFI LANguard 11 Attendant Service is available and set to run automatically, the problem may be a communication issue preventing the download of the files to the device.

These files are downloaded directly from the below URLs and installed by update.exe using the device's Internet Explorer connection settings and GFI LANguard 11 Attendant Service credentials.

Where the URLs are blocked by a firewall or web monitoring software, we would suggest whitelisting the following URLs:**




Troubleshooting Step 1 - Are the URLs or files accessible from the Device?

Check to ensure the above URLs are reachable from the problem device, or where a Site Concentrator is in place, that they are accessible from the device the files are downloaded to.

Before performing this test, we would advise flushing the device's local DNS to ensure a cached result is not returned. Enter ipconfig /flushdns in an elevated command prompt.

To replicate the behavior of update.exe. log on to the device using the same Log On account as the GFI LANguard 11 Attendant Service then use Internet Explorer to access the above URLs.

If the URLs are inaccessible, or the URLs are reachable but you cannot download the files, check the firewall or web-monitoring settings (including any Deep Packet Inspection configuration) to determine whether this is interfering with the connection. Where necessary, add exclusions for the above domain or URLs depending on the firewall or web monitoring software's configuration requirement.

Where the files successfully download to the Site Concentrator, but do not reach the endpoints, please ensure the devices can communicate over the configured ports with the entered information.

Troubleshooting Step 2 - File Download problems

In addition to the firewall or web-monitoring software configuration, there may be policies in place to prevent users from performing certain actions, for example restrict all file downloads, or file downloads with specific extensions.

If this policy applies to the user the GFI LANguard 11 Attendant Service is running under, this can cause Patch Management to fail.

In these circumstances, we would suggest changing the service's Log On account to one with enhanced privileges.

The files required for Patch Management can be relatively large, for example wsusscn2 is currently over 60MB, and where there are size restrictions or quotas in place for the user (or downloads in general) this may affect Patch Management's ability to retrieve its required files.

Increasing the allocation or using the Site Concentrator (so the files are downloaded once to a repository then retrieved over the local network) may assist in these circumstances.

Troubleshooting Step 3 - Are the files available on the Device?

If there are no obstructions preventing the device from reaching the URLs and downloading the files exist, please check the packages were successfully downloaded.

Go to C:\ProgramData\GFI\LanGuard 11\Update (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\GFI Software\LanGuard 11\ on pre-Vista systems) to check whether it contains the file lanss_11_*_patchmngmt.7z (including lanss_11_patchmngmt.mdb) with a recent modified date.

Where the compressed file exists, navigate to C:\ProgramData\GFI\LanGuard 11\PatchManagement to ensure it was successfully unpacked.

This location should contain lanss_11_patchmngmt.mdb and MicrosoftÂ’s, both files are required for successful patch discovery.

Error - Patch Management failed to retrieve the latest definition files from the Internet. Please verify that Patch Management has unrestricted access to the Internet

This message is not only displayed where there was a problem communicating but may also be returned if there was an issue with the files themselves. For example the files were downloaded, but were: incomplete, corrupt or unable to successfully unpack.