Update or Install the Advanced Monitoring Agent

This section covers the Windows Agent version and supported Patch Management features.

Windows Agent Version Feature


Release of Patch Management


Included support for all Microsoft Update types (not just security) where the Operating System or Microsoft product is supported by Patch Management.

These include update roll-ups, Service Packs, critical updates, tools and drivers.


Support for additional third party vendors


Support for Patch uninstallation (where patch is uninstallable)


Automatically adds a Windows Service Check to monitor the Patch Management GFI LanGuard Attendant Service when enabling this feature on a device

A fail state is triggered in the Patch Status Check where the scan results are not uploaded to the Dashboard when this information is expected.


Set a schedule for Patch Management Patch Scan

10.8.0 RC New Patch Management engine (SolarWinds engine)

For supported Windows versions and the associated Monitoring Agent (where applicable), please refer to Supported Operating Systems: Windows

10.8.0 RC Upgrade Note

If upgrading from agent version 10.5.8 or older, the Patch schedule may not initiate automatically. To avoid this potential issue, please update the Windows Monitoring Agent on your device to 10.5.9 or later before installing 10.8.0 RC.

The steps to update or install the Windows Monitoring Additional installation and update options, are covered in the

Windows Monitoring Agent Installation covers the steps to update or install the Windows Monitoring Agent.