Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Place Network under Management

After the Network Discovery Agents are deployed on the network, the next step is to place the network under management. This automatically runs the Network Discovery scan to discover all attached devices then reports this information in the Connected Devices section under the Networks tab on the Dashboard.

  1. Go to the Networks tab
  2. Press the Networks button
  3. Select Manage a New Network
  4. Choose the Show networks seen in the last threshold
  5. Select the target network from the list and Save
  6. This opens the Configure Managed Network dialog
  7. Give this network a name to identify the Network on the Dashboard
  8. Click Add in Network Credentials to configure the network’s SNMP credentials
  9. Network Device Monitoring uses SNMP to retrieve information and run checks against the monitored devices.

    Please ensure the SNMP Community Strings are configured to match all of the SNMP security credentials in use throughout the network.

    By default, we add a Public SNMP Community String, and for each additional SNMP Community String:

    1. Add > SNMP> Community String
    2. Provide a Description of this setting for identification
    3. Enter the SNMP Community String in use on the network (case sensitive)
    4. Save to apply and configure additional SNMP Community Strings where required
  10. OK to apply these settings and begin the scan of the network.


Any amendments to the network, for example add another SNMP Community string or change the current setting, are actioned under the Networks tab.

Highlight the network in the north pane.

  1. Networks drop-down (or right-click on the network)
  2. Edit selected network
  3. Amend settings
  4. Save when complete to apply