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Patch Management Feature Release History

Since its initial release we have enhanced the available Patch Management functionality.

  • Agent 8.5: Introduction of Patch Management
  • Agent 8.14.1: Added support for all Microsoft Update types (not just security) where the Operating System or Microsoft product is supported by Patch Management. These include update roll-ups, Service Packs, critical updates, tools and drivers.
  • Agent 9.13: Support for additional third party vendors
  • Agent 10.2.0: Support for Microsoft Patch Uninstall (where patch is uninstallable)
  • Agent 10.3.4: Automatically adds a Windows Service Check to monitor the Patch Management GFI LanGuard Attendant Service when enabling this feature on a device. A fail state is triggered in the Patch Status Check where the scan results are not uploaded to the Dashboard when this information is expected.
  • Agent 10.5.8: Configure Patch Management Patch Scan schedule