Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Outage Tab

The Outages tab provides detailed information on all outages reported on a device including the Description of the outage, its Start and Finish date and time, the Duration and where known the initial Cause of failure.

Where PSA Integration is configured a link to the PSA Ticket as well as its current status is also displayed.

An Outage appears as open for the duration of the Check failure and is only closed when the Check next passes.

As such even if the Check were to be acknowledged in the Outages tab itself - enable the tick box that corresponds to the required outage(s) and click Save Changes - or by using the Clear Check option  turning its status from a red failure to an amber cleared, the Outage will still remain open until the next time the Check passes.

Similarly where a PSA ticket is closed, either on the Dashboard or within the PSA system, this will only affect the status of the ticket not the check.

To make management easier Outages are grouped into currently Open Outages and a historical list of all Closed Outages.