Mac Agent Installation

Agent Versions and Installation Options

The Mac Agent is available for workstations, and depending on the release cycle there may be two versions available for download from the Dashboard.

  • Release Candidate (RC) : Extensive testing goes into each Release Candidate before it is made available for download but users should be aware that there may be minor bugs.
  • General Availability (GA) : The latest production Agent release.

Agent Installation Options

The Agent is installed in one of three ways:

Version 1 of the Agent supports Mac Computers from OS X 10.5 (Leopard), with version 2 (including Realtime Architecture) only available for those computers running OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later.

Checks Frequency

24x7 Frequency (Minutes)

5 | 15 | 30 | 60 | 120 From Mac Agent 2.1.0
30 | 60 | 120 From Mac Agent 2.0
30 | 60 From Mac Agent 0.8.0

Daily Safety Check Frequency

Once a day From Mac Agent 0.8.0


24x7 Checks

Daily Safety Checks

File System Space Check


Apple System Log Check


Log File Check

File System Space Change Check


OS X Daemon Check


Hacker Check


Process Check

Log File Check

Script Check

OS X Update Check

Physical Disk Health Check


Script Check

+ Check added by default when deploying the Agent (where supported or the monitored product installed).

24x7 Frequency Behavior: Mac Agent 2.1.0

When selecting a 5 or 15 minute frequency, the Mac Agent synchronizes with the Dashboard every 30 minutes to upload results, retrieve updated settings etc.

For 5 or 15 minute frequencies, every time a Check runs a comparison is made with its previous result.

Where a change is detected, this is immediately communicated back to the Dashboard (please note that only the results are uploaded, this does not trigger a full synchronization).

If there is no change, the Check results are uploaded during the next synchronization cycle.

Manually Install the Agent

There are three steps to manually install the Monitoring Agent on a Mac workstation.

Download the Mac Agent from the Dashboard

Download the required version of the Mac Agent to download from the Agent menu.

Install the Mac Agent on the workstation

Double-click on the downloaded DMG file to open the package

Double-click on the Mac Agent PKG to run the installation wizard

Enter the password of the user you logged into the Mac under when prompted to authorize the install

Register the Mac Agent against the Dashboard

Navigate to the Utilities directory and double-clicking on the Advanced Monitoring Agent.

Enter the Agent Key credentials as provided in the registration email and complete the Proxy server settings (if required)

Populate the Description of the workstation and select the Client and Site combination it is to be registered against from the relevant drop-down. The Device Name is automatically added.

Once complete the workstation will appear in the Workstation Monitoring section of the Dashboard with its assets available in Asset Tracking.

To reduce the volume of notification displayed to the end-user from our software and ensure all our installed applications have the required permissions, from Mac Monitoring Agent 3.4.0 RC we utilize Appleā€™s Mobile Device Management (MDM) framework.

To use this functionality, you must first request an Apple Push Notification certificate and upload this to your Dashboard. Once the certificate association is in place, we will prompt the end-user to enroll in our Mac Device Management service and apply the related profile when the Agent updates to version 3.4.0 RC or later.

Visit theMac Device Management section for further information.

Monitoring Agent Communication URLs

Depending on the company's security policy a firewall or other web monitoring software may be deployed to filter internet connections to avoid any potential Agent communication issues, we would suggest whitelisting the URLs listed in the Agent Communication URLs section.

Automatically Added Automated Tasks

To consolidate Mac information under one pane of glass, we released Mac Agent 3.0 to General Availability in September 2018. This migrated the core functionality from Mac-MSP to Dashboard managed Automated Tasks.

As these Automated Tasks replaced the core Mac-MSP functionality, on February 28 2019, we discontinued the Mac-MSP infrastructure.

To ensure continued coverage on Mac-MSP enabled accounts, the system automatically adds the Automated Tasks associated with Mac-MSP functionality to any newly installed Agents or when upgrading an earlier Agent version to Mac Agent 3 or later.

The automatically added Automated Tasks include Extended Memory Testing, Purge Font Caches, Repair Permissions on Installed Packages and Run Managed Patch. Please reach out to us if you no longer require the automatic deployment of these Automated Tasks for your account.

Dark Mode

When installed on a Mac running Mojave or later, the Mac Agent honors the Dark Mode settings where enabled on the computer.

The enrollment dialog does not current display in 10.15 (Catalina).