Offline Devices

A device is classed as offline if it has undergone a graceful shutdown (either managed or scheduled) or where placed Offline via the Agent console on the selected machine.

Offline devices are displayed in the Dashboard with a grayed out Last Response time and where a device is reported as offline a status notification Alert is not generated.

Offline mode is enabled by default, although this setting can be changed via the Dashboard or in the Agent itself for Windows devices. Where disabled, rather than Offline the device will be reported as Overdue on the Dashboard with the relevant Alerts generated for servers (where configured).

Important, the Automatically put the device type in offline mode if it is shutdown gracefully options should not be enabled where a device is constantly running and any shutdowns may be indicative of a problem.



  1. Right-click on the device in the north pane
  2. Edit Server or Edit Workstation (these options are also available from the Server or Workstation drop-down)
  3. Go to General Settings
  4. Enable (or disable) Automatically put the device type in offline mode if it is shutdown gracefully
  5. Set a Maximum duration for offline mode in minutes to send an overdue alert after this threshold (server only, optional)
  6. OK to save and apply

Please note this setting is available from version 8 of the Windows Advanced Monitoring Agent and for all versions of the Linux and Mac Agent.

Maximum Offline Duration - Windows and Linux Servers

Where a device is reported as Offline it will stay in this state on the Dashboard until the next time data is received.

However, there may be instances when a device undergoes a scheduled or managed shutdown but does not come back online (for example, where a device performs a reboot as part of a maintenance event and fails to restart). From Dashboard 6.4 we have included the option to set a Maximum Offline Duration in minutes for servers. When a server is reported offline for longer than the threshold period it is declared overdue and an Alert sent (depending on the configured Alerting behavior).

Please note this option is only selectable where the Automatically put the server in offline mode if it is shutdown gracefully option is enabled and will enforce the minimum 1.5 Agent cycles before reporting as overdue.


To manage Offline Mode from within the Windows Agent

  1. Logon to the target device
  2. Navigate to Start > All Programs > Advanced Monitoring Agent
  3. Enter your credentials when prompted
  4. In the main screen select Edit Agent Options (or go to Edit, Agent Options )
  5. Under General Settings configure If device is shutdown go OFFLINE as required

Agent Check-in behavior after Server or Workstation Restart

When a workstation or server powers on, there is a delay before the Agent service runs to allow other services to start. The Agent then checks into the Dashboard at the next scheduled Check cycle. During this time the Dashboard reports that the device is offline or overdue in the Last Response column. For workstations in particular this could result in quite a delay before it showed as online again.

This behavior was changed in Windows Agent 9.12.1. Rather than wait until the next scheduled upload, a message is sent to the Dashboard as soon as the Advanced Monitoring Agent service starts marking the device as online and updating the Last Response column.

This was further improved with the release of Windows Agent 10.9.2. From this release, rather than communicate back to the Dashboard after the delayed service start, the Agent reports back to the Dashboard shortly after startup. This ensures the Last Response column in the Dashboard more accurately reflects the computer's actual state.