Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Dashboard Notes Report

The Notes Report available from the Reports menu on the Dashboard may be used to display all of the Technical and/or Client-Facing Notes recorded for a Client over a selected time period and is available either formatted or as XML. As opposed to the Notes tab - displaying notes up to a maximum of 999 days old - it is possible to view any notes recorded against currently installed devices through the Notes Report.

  1. Select Reports
  2. Notes Report
  3. Choose the Client from the drop-down list or select All Clients
  4. Enter the time-period to generate the Report for in the From and To sections
  5. The Report type Formatted or XML is available from the Format drop-down list
  6. Select the type of Notes you want the Report to contain, Technical, Client or Both
  7. Decide upon the Device Type the Report is to be generated for, Server, Workstations or both Servers and Workstations

There is also the option to send the Client all of their Client Dashboard Notes Daily, Weekly or Monthly via the Client-Facing Notes Report.