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The team at NetHelpDesk created an integration with the Remote Management to:


Import Clients and Sites from the Dashboard into NetHelpDesk.
Import Devices and their details into NetHelpDesk using the Dashboard Device ID number.
Record changes made to devices.
Create and automatically close tickets from the Alert, and subsequent Recovery emails, linking the ticket to the device.
Record a history of tickets against the Device.


This basic setup can be adjusted to use different ticket types for different alerts, and to log tickets against a specific user or site, as required.


To get the integration up and running, configuration is required both within the Dashboard and NetHelpDesk, with this covered in the following sections, along with creating a test ticket to test the integration once setup:


Integration Configuration - Dashboard


Integration Configuration - NetHelpDesk


Test Ticket - Creation and Automatic Closure




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This Remote Management integration was created and is maintained by NetHelpDesk. As such we would suggest contacting NetHelpDesk directly in the event of any problems either in its initial implementation or subsequent usage.