Connected Devices

Devices discovered during the network scan appear under the Connected Devices tab. This includes their type (Laptop, Virtual Machine, Switch, Gaming System etc), its name. Operating System and other identifiers (if retrieved). Use the Edit Device Details dialog to amend the information held on the device.

Default Columns

Device Type

Hover over the icon for the Device Type

Operating System

Hover over the icon for the Operating System version


If a Monitoring Agent is installed and the Client/Site it is registered under




IP Address

MAC Address

First Seen

Last Seen

Where multiple NICs or MAC addresses are discovered for a device, these are grouped under the device in the Connected Devices section. Click the plus button against the device to view all unique NIC and MAC address information, then the minus button to hide these details.



Manage the south pane columns via the Columns menu. Tick to include, untick to hide.

Device type and Operating System are not available in the Columns drop-down.


Use the device status selector drop-down (all, online, offline, missing discovery agents) or Search Devices to filter the results in the north pane. The search function supports the use of partial strings and returns any discovered matches.

Export to CSV

Output the south panel device information, including any search results and column selections, via Export to CSV in the Device drop-down.