Any Device level management changes actioned from the Dashboard for the network, for example the Push Install of a Windows Monitoring Agent to a device or the promotion of a Device to Preferred Discovery Agent for the network, are recorded in the Activities tab.

Each entry contains an indicator of the state of the event (successful or unsuccessful), the Activity Type (for example Agent Push Install or Discovery Agent Promotion), the Device Name along with the Event Time. Hover over an entry to view the successful or unsuccessful state, or in the case of a Push Install error details of the potential causes of the failure are returned, for example login or firewall issues.


Manage the north pane columns via the Columns menu. Tick to include, untick to hide.


Use Search to filter the results. The search function supports the use of partial strings and returns any discovered matches.

Export to CSV

Output the south panel Activities information from the south panel, including any search results and column selections, via Export to CSV in the Device drop-down.