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Apply Monitoring Template to existing Agents (Windows and Macs)

Monitoring Templates ensure that each device installed using a template is configured to precisely match your specific Check and Automated Task requirements. This reduces setup time and ensuring a configuration consistency across devices.

When creating a Monitoring Template, you can configure a blank template with all the required Checks and Automated Tasks or base the template on an existing device.

If you only want to retrieve the hardware and software asset information from a device or use a feature without monitoring (connect to the device via Take Control, provide protection via Managed Antivirus or backup files and folders through Backup & Recovery) you can use the Asset Tracking Only (Windows) template.

However, as circumstances and the customer’s requirements change it may become necessary to action bulk changes across devices, for example upgrade from Asset Tracking only to monitoring.

Rather than add each Check at the single or multiple device level (which can be time-consuming, and potentially introduce the possibility of human error) we introduced the ability to deploy a Monitoring Template to an existing Agent. The available functionality depends on the Agent version.

Monitoring Templates were introduced in Windows Agent 8.6. and Mac Agent 3.0.2

Windows Agent Monitoring Template Functionality
8.6 Monitoring Templates for Agent deployments
9.8.3 Upgrade Asset Tracking to full monitoring (deprecated, please update to 9.8.7 and apply Monitoring Template)
9.8.7 Replace existing Checks
9.8.9 Update or Replace existing Checks
9.8.11 Apply Monitoring Templates at the Client and Site level Stack Monitoring Templates and apply at the Client, Site and Device level
9.12 Automated Tasks: Deploy through Monitoring Templates
10 24x7 frequency: additional 5,15, 30, 60, 120 minutes options
Mac Agent  
3.0.2 Monitoring Templates


Feature Associated Checks

Depending on the feature, one or more monitoring Checks may be automatically added to a device to monitor its status. As these Checks are associated with the feature they are excluded from Monitoring Template changes.

These include: Patch Status Check for Patch Management | Managed Antivirus - Bitdefender engine: Managed Antivirus Check, Antivirus Update Check - Managed Antivirus (Bitdefender), Windows Service Check - Managed Antivirus Endpoint Agent Service, Windows Service Check - Managed Antivirus Endpoint Host Service, Windows Service Check - Managed Antivirus Endpoint Integration Service, Windows Service Check - Managed Antivirus Endpoint Master Service, Windows Service Check - Managed Antivirus Endpoint Update Service | Managed Antivirus - VIPRE engine: Managed Antivirus Check, Antivirus Update Check - Managed Antivirus, Windows Service Check - Managed Antivirus for Managed Antivirus | Backup Check - Backup & Recovery, Windows Service Check - Backup Service Controller for Backup & Recovery.

Apply multiple stacked Monitoring Templates

To ease the administrative burden when adding Checks, the Apply Monitoring Template option available at the Client, Site and Device level from Agent 9.8.11 includes the facility to stack up to ten Monitoring Templates and apply these to the selection.

Through stacking more targeted Monitoring Templates may be constructed with a subset of Checks and combined to precisely match the monitoring requirements without the need to perform remedial action once the devices have updated their Checks, i.e. remove redundant Checks that were included in the applied template.

For example four templates may be stacked for the selection, the first adds the base 24x7 Checks, the second contains the base Daily Safety Checks, the third includes Script Checks whilst the fourth has both the Daily and 24x7 Checks for a specific vendor's product

Stacked Monitoring Templates use a cascade system based on the templates position in the Selected Templates list to remove duplicate Checks.

* During the Agent installation process you can opt to use the Default Checks. When selected the Agent will automatically add the core Checks for the device type and Operating System, these can be tweaked either from the Agent or Dashboard to precisely match the monitoring requirements.

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