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Agent Deployment with Monitoring Templates

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Configure the default Monitoring Templates in the Settings menu (overall device types, Clients and Sites) and Edit Site (specific Site only) to automatically apply this template during Agent installation.


Note: combining the Check Detection Scan with the Asset Tracking Only (no template) template with effectively only add the Checks from the Check Detection Scan.


Settings - New Device Installation Settings (Windows only)

1.Login to the Dashboard
3.Monitoring Templates
4.New Device Installation Settings
5.Choose the template target Entity from the left menu (all Servers or Workstations, servers or workstations at the selected Client or Site)
6.Set Settings to On or Use Parent (for Client and Site only)
7.Select the default template from the Server Default or Workstation Default drop-down (only those templates available for this device type are displayed)
8.Run check detection scan to scan the Device and add applicable Checks (available from Windows Agent v10.3.1 and Mac Agent 3.0.2).

Where a Check exists in the Monitoring Template and was also discovered by the scan, the Monitoring Template version of the Check is added.

9.OK to save and apply


Edit Site - Default Template (Windows and Macs)

1.Login to the Dashboard
2.Expand the Client in the left menu tree
3.Right-click on the target Site (or from the Edit menu)
4.Edit Site
5.Select the default Device Type template for the Site

Default Workstation Monitoring Template

Default Server Monitoring Template

6.Save to apply


Settings drop-down

New Device Installation Settings



Edit Site Menu

Edit Site Dialog