Apply Monitoring Templates to existing Agents (Windows and Macs)

Where circumstances change and different monitoring is required, you can apply Monitoring Templates to existing Agents on individual computers, to a number of devices through multi-select or at the Client and Site level. For example, add monitoring to an Asset Tracking only Agent.

Monitoring Templates use a hierarchical structure so any templates assigned at the Client level are also applied to any associated Sites under that Client.

To assign Monitoring Templates across a Client or Site

Client or Site Level

  1. Log into the Dashboard
  2. Right-click on the target Client or Site in the Monitoring and Management menu (or from the Edit drop-down)
  3. Select Apply Monitoring Template
  4. Apply once complete to update the Devices' settings
  5. Review the changes
  6. Enter the password you have logged into the Dashboard under to confirm

Single or Multiple Devices

  1. Log into the Dashboard
  2. Go to the Servers, Workstations or Mixed pane
  3. Multi-select the devices of the same type (Server or Workstation) and Operating System (WIndows or Mac) to apply the template to (Shift and left-click for a range, Control and left-click for specific devices)
  4. Right-click on one of the selection or from the Servers or Workstations drop-down
  5. Choose Monitoring Templates
  6. Apply Monitoring Template
  7. Apply
  8. Verify the devices to add the Template to (multiple device selection)
  9. Review the changes
  10. Enter the password you have logged into the Dashboard under to confirm

Checks are only added to servers and workstations capable of supporting that Check, for example a Windows Check cannot be added to a Mac workstation, or a Mac Monitoring Template applied to a Windows computer.

Communication and Monitoring Template application process

The Apply Monitoring Template option uses the persistent outbound connection to immediately communicate the upgrade command to the Agent and if this connection type is unavailable the Agent will begin the upgrade process the next time it checks in. Please be aware that it may take several minutes for the upgrade process to complete once the command is received by the Agent.

Monitoring Templates are queued for installation on any devices that are currently offline or overdue, with the Monitoring Templates applied the next time they report back to the Dashboard. Please be aware that only the first Monitoring Template request is queued for devices that are currently offline or overdue, any subsequent Monitoring Template requests are not queued.

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