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Apply a Monitoring Template to existing Windows Agents: 9.8.7 and 9.8.8

The implementation of the Apply Monitoring Template functionality in Windows Agents 9.8.7 and 9.8.8 uses a different mechanism and dialog to the version included from 9.8.9.

In 9.8.7 and 9.8.9 all existing Checks are replaced when applying a template and from 9.8.9 you can select the template's update behavior.

  1. Log into the Dashboard using an account with Monitoring Templates permissions enabled
  2. Go to the Servers, Workstations or Mixed pane
  3. Multi-select the devices to apply the template to (Shift and left-click for a range, Control and left-click for specific devices)
  4. Right-click on one of the selection or from the Servers or Workstations drop-down
  5. Choose Monitoring Templates
  6. Apply Monitoring Template
  7. Run the check detection scan to automatically add applicable checks


    Select monitoring templates: Click the arrow buttons or drag and drop the template between windows (only one template is supported)

  8. Apply once complete to update the Devices' settings
  9. Verify the devices to add the Template to (multiple device selection)
  10. Review the changes
  11. Enter the password of the account you have logged into the Dashboard under to confirm

987_8_mt monitoring_template_apply_multi

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