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Create a Monitoring Template - From a Blank Template

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In addition to creating a Monitoring Template bases on an existing device's configuration, there is also the option to populate a blank template. Monitoring Templates are added individually, you cannot add multiple Monitoring Templates at the same time.


1.Login to the Dashboard
2.Go to Settings
3.Monitoring Templates
4.Manage Templates
6.Choose the device type the template will apply to

Add Server Monitoring Template

Add Workstation Monitoring Template

7.In Add Monitoring Template, provide a Template Name for identification, choose the Operating System the template applies to (Windows or Mac), click the Active box to ensure the template is selectable, configure the Check Frequency and Checks and Tasks .
8.OK to save


 Note: as the Exchange Store Check requires the datastore name, which is unique to each device, it is unavailable for selection in the Monitoring Template.


For information on the template dialog options and Automated Task wizard please visit Configure Monitoring Template Dialog and Monitoring Template - Automated Tasks Setup.