Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Microsoft SQL databases

The Backup Manager automatically detects when installed on a computer running Microsoft SQL Server and automatically adds it a selectable Data Source.

To backup MS SQL database (VSS);

  1. Open the Backup Manager
  2. Navigate to the Backup tab
  3. Click Add against MS SQL
  4. Expand the MS SQL database (VSS) node to select the SQL Server and databases(s) to backup.
  5. It may be necessary to click the MS SQL name to display the node structure.

  6. Finally, configure the MS SQL database (VSS)Schedule and amend the Backup & Recovery Check to take account of the increased backup jobs

To amend the selected data sources:

  1. Open the Backup Manager
  2. Go to the Backup tab
  3. Click Edit, expand the node and change the selection

Refer to MS SQL for information on MS SQL pre-requisites.

Copy-Only Mode for Microsoft SQL Server Backup

From Agent 10.3.2 onwards (based on MAX Backup version 16.5) it is possible to perform a backup of a Microsoft SQL Server in copy-only mode.

This mode performs a full backup without updating the internal backup history for SQL Server. This method of backup does not act as a base backup for further differential backup operations and also does not disturb the history of the previous differential backups.

IMPORTANT: Database Administrators should fully understand the recovery implications of using different SQL backup modes before enabling this mode.

To enable copy-only mode login to the target device, go to the Backup Manager installation folder, for example: C:\Program Files\Backup Manager, and enter the below section and string.



Save the file then from the services console (Start > Run > services.msc) restart the Backup Service Controller service.