MSP Manager Mobile Apps

As you and your team are always on the go, MSP Manager developed Mobile Apps to allow you to keep on top of any customer issues regardless of location as well as quickly and easily provide all the relevant details when on site with the Client.

The MSP Manager Mobile apps provide you with access to your help desk directly from the iOS or Android smartphone or tablet allowing you to efficiently solve problems.

With the MSP Manager Mobile Apps you can:

  • Generate and manage tickets fast with the Quick Ticket feature
  • Receive push notifications when assigned a new ticket, or a critical status changes
  • Easily track time with the built-in timers, these support stacking for those times you are working on multiple tickets
  • Capture issues with your mobile device, add photos of error message, wiring configuration and other 'easier shown than described' issues
  • View appointments in the calendar
  • Rapidly add a new appointment, this generates an iCal file which is compatible with other calendar programs
  • Initiate a Take Control (SolarWinds) session directly from the app (requires the MSP RMM Take Control app)
  • Map out your appointments for the day to optimize your travel route
  • Access the knowledge details for your clients:
    • Contacts
    • Locations
    • Serial numbers
    • Software licenses
    • Passwords
    • Ticket history
    • Standard procedures and setups

Further information on the app is provided in the following sections:

MSP Manager App Installation

App Navigation and Usage

Initiate a Take Control (SolarWinds) Connection