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MSP Manager

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MSP Manager is an easily scalable cloud-based service management solution designed to grow with your company and meet all your helpdesk requirements.


It offers an agile, comprehensive suite of tools to create and manage tickets, schedule technicians and invoice customers.


With MSP Manager you can:


Automatically create and assign tickets from Dashboard outages
Record time and expenses against a ticket in either your monitoring or MSP Manager dashboards
Link tickets to appointments with the centralised calendar
Initiate Take Control connection directly from MSP Manager
Use Knowledge Management to store useful information for the Client (contacts, passwords, processes, serial numbers, expiration dates etc.) so it is easily accessible by all your team
Quickly generate ticket, customer, billing and SLA reports
Keep up to date with your MSP Manager dashboard regardless of location via the MSP Manager Mobile App available for both Apple iOS and Google Android
Create customer invoices at any time of the month
Import invoice information into your accounting software or integrate with QuickBooks (Online and Desktop) or Xero


To log into your Monitoring and Management Dashboard, enable the MSP Manager integration then follow the setup wizard to create your MSP Manager instance.



Integrate with existing MSP Manager Account

Enable MSP Manager Integration

MSP Manager Initial Configuration


Program Levels

Add New Program

Add Service Plan

Service Plan Configuration



Summary and Complete Setup

MSP Manager Dashboard

Account Settings

My Account

User Management

Customers (Clients), Locations (Sites) and Assets (Devices)

Customers (Clients)

Locations (Sites)

Assets (Devices)

Notification Email Addresses

Monitoring and Management Dashboard

Monitoring and Management Dashboard Ticket Settings

Access Tickets from the Monitoring and Management Dashboard

Monitoring and Management Dashboard PSA Ticket Actions

MSP Manager - Initiate a Take Control (SolarWinds) Connection

Configure the MSP Manager Customer Portal

Enable Customer Portal Access

MSP Manager Mobile Apps

MSP Manager App Installation

App Navigation and Usage

Initiate a Take Control (SolarWinds) Connection

Uninstall the MSP Manager integration

MSP Manager Online Help