MSP Manager Dashboard

You can use the product navigator at the top of the Monitoring Dashboard, or the link within a ticket to open the MSP Manager login page.

Although the hierarchical structure is the similar, please note the following differences in terminology between the Monitoring Dashboard and MSP Manager:

Monitoring Dashboard

MSP Manager







After logging in, you are presented with the My Dashboard view.

By default, this returns the My Stats overview section and from here you can go to My Tickets or My Timesheets for more detailed information.

Depending on your MSP Manager role the following tabs and sections are available.


My Dashboard


  • My Dashboard
  • My Tickets
  • My Timesheets

Company Dashboard

(Administrator only)


  • User Stats
  • Service Utilization
  • User Activity


Select a Customer to open their:

  • Dashboard
  • Contact Info
  • Tickets
  • Projects
  • Rates
  • Service Items
  • Passwords
  • Procedures
  • Serial Numbers
  • Expiry
  • Assets
  • Networks details.
  • Take Control (SolarWinds): where enabled for the device, a remote connection can be established directly from the ticket or asset


Open Ticket Views and Queues to display and manage tickets


View assets, store and access customer information via:

  • Assets
  • Passwords
  • Procedures
  • Serial Numbers
  • Expiry
  • Networks
  • Take Control (SolarWinds): where enabled for the device, a remote connection can be established directly from the asset


View and add Appointments or setup a Schedule (where Configure Recurring Tickets permissions are enabled for your MSP Manager role)

Billing (Administrator only)

View each customer’s Service Utilization charges for the selected period. Expand a customer for a billing breakdown and run a Billing Batch to generate invoices


Create and export Reports:

  • Ticket Reports:
    • Tickets
    • Timesheets
    • Expenses
  • Customer Reports:
    • Customer List
    • Locations & Contacts
    • Customer Service Items
    • Customer Assets
  • Billing Reports (Administrator only):
    • Billed Tickets
  • SLA Reports:
    • SLA Breached Tickets
    • Company SLA Overview

Note: Those sections marked Administrator only are based on the permissions for the default MSP Manager roles.

Customer and Location actions (add, edit and delete) are available in both systems, whilst Asset actions transfer from the Monitoring Dashboard to MSP Manager.