Backup & Recovery  - Self-Service Seed Loading

Depending upon the volume of data, it can take days if not weeks to upload the initial backup over the internet, particularly where the network has a slow or unstable internet connection.

As such from Dashboard 5.30 and Agent 8.16 Release Candidate we included a Seed Loading service. Perform the initial seed backup onsite using a provided portable USB drive. Then ship this to one of our data centers for direct upload to the storage locations. only subsequent incremental backups transferred over the internet.

To simplify this process further we have now introduced Backup & Recovery Self-Service Seed Loading for those companies with access to a stable high speed internet connection, although not in the location of the computers. This is designed to make the whole seed loading process of your backups a lot easier and quicker to complete.

Rather than wait for delivery and subsequent return of the USB drive before the upload of the initial backup can begin, Self-Service Seed Loading involves the local end user performing a seed backup to their own USB drive and then uploading this using any internet connection.  For example visit the client with your own USB drive, create the seed backup then upload the files to the online data store once back in the office.

Along with a USB drive (with enough capacity to store the seed backups) and a high speed internet connection, self-service seed loading only requires one additional application:



Server Upload Tool

uploads the resultant files to the data center

As most of the process is automated the actual involvement by the user will only take a matter of minutes.

Although there are only a few steps to get up and running with Backup & Recovery Self-Service, please ensure you have read all of the instructions before starting the process.

This guide is based on the seeding process for Backup & Recovery 2014 released with Agent 9.8

Please take into account any Internet Service Provider fair usage policies, including potential penalties (financial or otherwise), when deciding on whether to utilize the self-service seeding loading.

We are not liable for any financial loss incurred through the use of this service