Backup & Recovery Self-Service Seed Loading Outline


USB drive with enough capacity to hold the seeding data.

Recommendation: use a drive at least the size of the selected data.

Server Upload Tool - Uploads the data to the online data store.

Server Tool

Backup Manager Version


Server Tool 32-bit

Server Tool 64-bit

From 17

Server Tool 32-bit

Server Tool 64-bit


Create Seed Backup

  1. Attach the USB drive to the source device
  2. Launch the Backup Manager
  3. Go to Preferences > Seeding
  4. Enter the file save location in the Seeding Path
  5. Click Enable Seeding
  6. After initialization go to the Backup tab,
  7. Verify the Data Source selection
  8. Use Add or Edit to amend
  9. Once satisfied click Run Seeding

When the seeding backup process is finished click Complete seeding on the yellow notification bar and remove the USB drive

As the logon account Backup & Recovery is running under may not have access to the network location to be used as the vault, when entering the UNC path - starting with \\ (for example \\Storage1\seeding) - it may be necessary to change the logon account for the Backup Service Controller service.

Upload Seed Backup

  1. Download and unpack the contents of the Server Upload Tool for the upload computer's architecture to the Backup Manager installation directory. For example: C:\Program Files\Backup Manager
  2. Open the command prompt on the upload computer
  3. Navigate to the directory containing servertool.exe
  4. Enter the following to initiate the upload process:
  5. ServerTool.exe seeds.upload -path <UniqueID-Folder> -threadscount <1-10>

    For example:

    e:\ServerTool.exe seeds.upload -path e:\uk0199cb529b49d34d879a9 -threadscount 1

  6. Once complete the message Seeds upload for account '<UniqueID>' has finished is displayed with the backup information displayed in the Backup Tab of the Dashboard