Remote Monitoring & Management Help

User Audit Report

Where a Seed Loading Request is submitted for a device this is reflected in the User Audit Report available from the Reports menu on the Dashboard. Filter the Report to only show Backup & Recovery Seed Loading events.



As the User Audit Report can return a vast amount of information, even when filtered, from Dashboard 6.14.1 we have introduced the ability to limit the number of returned rows per page.

Simply enter the required number of Rows per page using the report_startstart report_back back report_forward forward report_end end controls to navigate between pages and report_refresh refresh to reload.

The pagination options are not applied to the CSV Export of the User Audit Report.

Report Export Options

Two export options are available for the User Audit Report and selectable above the north panel once the report is generated.

CSV Export: saves all of the filtered information (including any hidden columns) as a CSV file in the format DATE_FROM-UserAuditReport.csv (for example 2015-08-01-UserAuditReport.csv)

Print: prints the current report view as is (this excludes any hidden columns). The print options available will depend on the configuration of the device the User Audit Report is viewed on.