Request the Seed Loading Service

Seed Load is not enabled by default and as such it is necessary to fill in a request form on the Dashboard for each device to be seeded.

This form is found in the device’s Backup & Recovery section. Simply select the machine in the north panel and from the Server or Workstation drop-down (or Edit menu or double or right-click on the device) go to Edit Device, Backup & Recovery.

In the Seed Loading section, click on Request Seed Loading Service then complete the request form with the required contact and drive delivery details, accepting the confirmation dialog when prompted. Please ensure the expected maximum backup size in binary gigabytes is entered for the Maximum Backup Size (GB) field, as this is used to determine the capacity of USB drive to send.

When requesting Seed Loading a command is sent to the device's Backup Manager which cancels all backup operations currently in progress. This also prevents any additional backup or restore jobs from running until after the Seed Backup has taken place and the data uploaded to the Storage Account.

It is not possible to cancel this action through the Dashboard once the Seed Loading Request is confirmed.




After the request is received and processed the drive containing all of the required files to create the initial seed backup is dispatched to the specified location with the drive tracking information sent to the contact email address.

Once the backup has completed, please repackage the USB drive and cable in the box they arrived in, then reply to the original disk dispatch email to receive the return shipping information.

It may take approximately three working days for delivery of the backup drive and a further three working days for its return before the upload process can begin.

Please retain the packaging the drive comes in as this will be required for its return journey.