Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Network share or NAS - Change the logon account for the Backup Service Controller service

To perform a seed loading backup to a network share or NAS on Windows, please make sure the selected network resource meets either of these requirements:

   It is openly available without authorization

   One of its user accounts coincides with an account on your computer (the same username and password).

As the Backup Manager normally uses the Local System account it may not have network access and to backup to the target location it may be necessary to change the services logon account to one with increased permissions.

  1. Go to the Services console - Start > Run > services.msc
  2. Right-click on the Backup Service Controller service
  3. Choose Properties > Log On
  4. Select the This account checkbox and enter the credentials for an account that has access the network resource. This can be an account from the Administrators group or an account that exists both on your computer and on the target network resource
  5. OK to exit out of this Properties dialog then right-click on the Backup Service Controller services and Restart

Once this change is applied the network location will become available to the Backup Manager.