Backup & Recovery Seed Load Service

This section covers the steps required to enable Backup & Recovery, request Seed Load and create the seed backup on the target devices.


Depending upon the volume of data, it can take days if not weeks to upload the initial backup over the internet.

As such from Dashboard 5.30 and Agent 8.16 Release Candidate we now offer a Seed Loading service, which not only saves time but also bandwidth when performing a backup.

With the Seed Loading Service the initial backups are performed on site using the provided portable USB drive and then shipped to our data center for direct upload to the storage location.

Once the backup is uploaded to the storage account for the device only subsequent incremental backups are then transferred over the internet.

To get this up and running simply complete a Seed Loading request form for each device you wish to enable the service for and in approximately three working days a USB drive will be delivered so you can begin the seed backup process for these machines. Please retain the packaging the drive comes in as this will be required for its return journey.

The Seed Loading service is not recommended where the total capacity of the Clients devices for the initial backup is less than 500 GB.

There are four steps to this process:

  1. Update to Agent 8.16 or later
  2. Enable Backup & Recovery
  3. Request the Seed Loading Service
  4. Create a Seed Backup

Information regarding when the Seed Loading Request was made is available in theUser Audit Report

It is possible to optimize USB disk speed performance by enabling Write Caching in the Device Manager (improving access and write speeds to and from the disk) and we suggest configuring this option before running the seed backup.