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Backup & Recovery Seed Load Service Process

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Enable Backup & Recovery






Request the Seed Loading Service


Backup & Recovery goes into seed loading mode and as such no backups or restores are possible






Disk Preparation and Shipping


Once received, the Seed Loading request is processed with the required number of disks prepared.


These are then shipped to the address specified in the request form, with  a disk despatch notification email containing the tracking information sent to the request form's contact address.


Please note, for any delivery or return shipping information please reply to this disk despatch notification email address.






Disk Delivery and Seed Backup


The disks will arrive at the address specified in the request form.


Place the packaging in a safe place (this is required for the return journey).

Attach the USB disk with the provided cable to the required machine and run SeedingTool.exe to create the Seed Backup.


Where the Seeding Loading Service was requested for multiple devices, please attach the disk via the provided cable and run the SeedingTool.exe on each of them to create the Seed Backups.






Disk Return


After the backups have completed, please bundle the disk(s) and cable(s) in the packaging they arrived in.


Reply to the disk despatch notification email to let us know they are ready for collection and we will provide the return shipping information, labels etc. Once the label is received please attach to the box and contact the delivery company to arrange a pickup at a time convenient to you.






Seed Backup Upload


When the disk(s) are received - which may also take approximately three working days to arrive - the upload process will begin.


We will inform you once the upload is complete and send a command to the Backup Manager on the device(s) to resume their scheduled backups