Archiving preserves a backup session from cleaning after its retention period has expired. Archived sessions are stored forever (unless they are manually cleared).

Tick Enabled in the Archive section then enter the Day of the Month and Time to run from the relevant drop-downs.

Completed backup sessions cannot be archived retroactively.

Setting the Archive time

Ensure the Day of the Month and Time to run are configured before the target archive backup runs. For example, if the backup runs at 02:00, configure the archive Time to run: for 01:45.

As the Day of the Month is an absolute value, please take into consideration months where this day does not exist, as the archive will not run on these dates. For example, the 30th of February or the 31st of April, etc..

When configured via Settings > Backup & Recovery > Settings, the schedule is applied to both devices currently running Backup & Recovery 2014 and those that update to Backup & Recovery 2014. However, please be aware that when configuring archiving from the Edit Server or Edit Workstation dialog the device must already be running Backup & Recovery 2014 or the schedule is not applied, even once the device has updated to Backup & Recovery 2014

The Archive schedule refers to the local time of the computer the Agent is installed on.


Cleaning up unneeded archiving sessions

If you no longer want to store an archived session, you can remove it from storage in the Backup Manager. Launch the Backup Manager from the Dashboard or directly on the remote computer.

  1. Launch the Backup Manager from the Dashboard or directly on the remote computer.
  2. Go to Preferences > Archiving.
  3. Click Cleanupto view the list of all archived sessions that have passed their retention periods.
  4. Select the sessions to clean up.
  5. Click the Cleanup button at the bottom.
  6. Confirm your intention to clean up the selected sessions.

This action removes the archived (A) mark from the session. The session is then cleared from storage and is no longer available for recovery.


Archiving is not available for workstations or laptops using Backup & Recovery Documents.

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