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The Summary tab contain an overview with the device type (phone or tablet), the installed Operating System including its version and build number (where known) along with the version of the installed MobileGuardian. Please be aware that the information available in the Summary tab depends upon the device type and installed Operating System.


Supported Features

This includes a list of all of the options supported by the installed MobileGuardian and available for this Operating System, with their current state on the device indicated Active or Inactive.


Device Details

The Device Details list the hardware information from the device and depending on the device type may include the Model, Serial Number, Processor, RAM, Internal Storage, External Storage, Language, Timezone, Battery Status and whether Admin Rights are enabled on the device.


Internal Storage and External Storage charts showing the Occupied and Free space is available for Google Android by clicking on the storage totals. Hover over each section of the chart for additional information on usage:



In addition to viewing from the Dashboard, the chart can also be downloaded by clicking on the Chart context menu button clip1347to Print chart, Download PNG image, Download JPEG image, Download PDF document or Download SVG image

Network Information

Home Network and Current Network Operator and Type.

The ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier), IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) and Network Operator of any installed Sim Cards.

The Data Roaming status along with the Wi-Fi MAC Address.


Please note, due to Operating System restrictions only the IMEI is displayed in the Sim Cardssection for Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1.