Show on Map

When Locate Device is enabled in the policy the device whereabouts the last time it reported in are displayed in the Location tab of the Dashboard. This is useful for individual devices, but there may be times when you wish to track multiple devices and this can be achieved with the Show on Map option.

Multi-select the desired devices in the north pane of the Dashboard using Shift and left-click for a range, Control and left-click for specific devices then from the Mobile Devices drop-down (or right click on one of the selection) choose Show on Map.


The returned Device Location Map plots each of the selected devices represented by pegs with the map automatically updating to reflect the location when the device next reports back to the Dashboard. Click on a peg to display the device name, then click on its name to return more detailed information including the Owner, Coordinates, level of Accuracy and when these details were last Updated. Re-click the name to hide this additional information or click the cross to manually close the dialog. Multiple device dialogs can be open at any time and the dialogs will automatically close after 45 seconds of inactivity if not exited manually.

There may be times when the selection includes device where Locate Device is not enabled in the policy and these are referenced in the Unknown Location section above the map, for example: Unknown Locations: 2 unknown location(s)