Configure Mobile Device Management and select Protection Policies

Mobile Device Management policies can be applied from the all Mobile Device level down to individual Clients and Sites via the Mobile Device Management Policy Settings dialog available from Settings,Mobile Device Management, Settings.



Default policies are provided for both employee and company owned Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1* devices with the ability to create and apply your own custom policies via Settings,Mobile Device Management, Device Policies.

The Mobile Device Management Policy configures every monitoring aspect of the device including the actions that can be performed remotely (for example lock the device, set or clear passcode) with the available options varying between the ownership types and supported Operating Systems.

Simply decide on the hierarchical level the policy is to be applied at - all Mobile Devices, Client or Sites then from the Company Owned and Employee Owned sections choose the required policy to apply.

By default the device will inherit its policy from the Site it is registered against, which inherits the policy from the associated Client, which in turn inherits the policy set for all Mobile Devices.


The applied policy may be changed on individual devices once registered on the Dashboard.

To open a default policy in read-only mode click its View button clip1160


Any profiles added to an Apple iOS device via Mobile Device Management can only be removed via the Dashboard.

* Please be aware that Windows 10 is currently unsupported.