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Security - Apple iOS

Select the required option Passcode or Restrictions and click add_icon Configure to add and clip1166 Remove Configuration to delete the settings.




Allow simple value

Permits the use of repeating, ascending and descending character sequences.

Require alphanumeric value

The passcode requires at least one letter.

Minimum passcode length

Minimum number of characters required for the passcode (1->16)

Minimum number of complex characters

Minimum number of non-alphanumeric characters allowed in the passcode (0 -> 4)

Maximum passcode age

Number of days (1->730) after which the passcode must be changed. Select 0 for never expire.

Maximum Auto-Lock

Number of minutes before the device automatically locks (Never Auto Lock–>15)

Passcode history*

Number of unique passcodes required before reuse (0–>50)

Maximum grace period for device lock

Maximum amount of time the user can set the device to be locked without prompting for the passcode when unlocked (Immediately->4 hours).

Maximum failed attempts before wiping

Number of incorrect passcode attempts before all data on the device will be erased. (4–>11)

Please be aware, if a device has multiple Passcode policies in place the strictest policy will be applied, regardless of whether this policy was set via the Dashboard.

* Please note, there is a known issue with the iOS Passcode History where the entered number is incremented by one when applied. For example where the Passcode History is set to three, four passcodes will be remembered before the initial one can be reused, if set to six seven will be remembered etc.


Device Functionality

Application Settings

Allow installing apps

Allow use of YouTube

Allow use of camera

Allow use of iTunes Store

Allow FaceTime

Allow use of Safari

Allow screen capture

Safari Settings:

Allow automatic sync while roaming

Enable autofill

Allow Siri

Force fraud warning

Allow Siri while device locked

Enable Javascript

Allow voice dialling

Block pop-ups

Allow Passbook while device is locked

Accept Cookies:

Allow in-application Purchase

Never, From Visited Sites, Always

Force user to enter iTunes store password for all purchases

Allow multiplayer gaming

Allow adding Game Center friends

iCloud Access

Content Rating

Allow Backup

Allow explicit music, podcasts & iTunes

Allow document sync

Allow iBookstore erotica

Allow Photo Stream (disallowing can cause data loss)

Ratings Region:

Allow shared photo streams

Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America


Security & Privacy

Allow All Movies, Don't Allow Movies, Ratings for selected region

Allow diagnostic data to be sent to Apple

TV Shows:

Allow user to accept untrusted TLS certificates

Allow all TV shows, Don't allow TV Shows, Ratings for selected region

Force encrypted backups


Allow all Apps, Don't allow Apps, 4+, 9+, 12+, 17+