Security - Google Android

Select the required option Passcode or Restrictions and click add_icon Configure to add and clip1166 Remove Configuration to delete the settings.




Passcode type

Type of passcode that must be used: Any, Alphabetic Password, Alphanumeric Password, Complex Password, Numeric PIN Password

Minimum passcode length

Minimum number (1 -> 16) of passcode characters allowed

Maximum passcode age *

Days (0 -> 730) after which passcode must be changed. If not set, then the password will never expire.

Maximum Auto-Lock

Number of minutes before the device automatically locks (Never Auto Lock –> 15)

Passcode history *

The number (01 - 50) of unique passcodes required before reuse. If not set, the user can re-use any existing password.

Maximum failed attempts before wiping

Number of incorrect passcode attempts (4 -> 11) before all data on the device will be erased. If not set, then the device will never be wiped.

Please be aware, if a device has multiple Passcode policies in place the strictest policy will be applied, regardless of whether this policy was set via the Dashboard.

* Supported in Google Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and above




Allow Camera

Supported on Android 4.0 and above