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Mobile Device Provisioning Email Template

The template for the provisioning information email may be amended in the Dashboard via Mail Templates, Mobile Device Provisioning.

From here the From address, Subject line, Plain Text Message and HTML Text message can be customized to meet your requirements.

Please note that when any changes to the content of the email must be applied to both the text and HTML versions.

The Mobile Device Provisioning email template supports substitutions strings which use a combination of Dashboard elements along with the details entered in the Add Mobile Device dialog to populate the email.

To apply a substitution string, select the area of the template it is to be placed. Choose the wildcard from the drop-down and Insert Code. When the email is sent it will contain the corresponding element for that string.

Please be aware that not all substitution strings are supported in every field of the template, for example in the From address or Subject line. As such we would suggest using the Insert Code drop-down when entering substitution string as this only displays the options available for the selected field and will avoid an invalid selection.


Substitution String

Account Name


Client Name


Site Name


Device Name


Device Owner


Mobile Registration Webpage


Activation Code