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Mobile Device Management

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With the proliferation of smart mobile devices in the workplace, either company or employee owned, there is now an expectation for IT support companies to monitor and manage these ‘phone and tablets in addition to the customer’s servers, workstations and laptops.


To meet this requirement we have incorporated Mobile Device Management (MDM) which offers the ability monitor and secure mobile devices and tablets, including device ownership and handset details, location tracking (Operating System dependent), remotely locking and setting passcodes, remotely wiping devices, configuring detailed security settings, monitoring for data usage, and more.


Mobile Device Management supports Apple iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1* devices and tablets.


Mobile Device Management is policy driven with the option to apply our default policies as well as create custom ones. Policies can be applied to all, specific Clients and Sites down to individual mobile devices. To support the different types of mobile device ownership two policy models are available for company or employee owned.


For provisioning click New Mobile Device in the Mobile Devices tab or from the File menu, New Device, Mobile Device and either complete the registration information for a Single Device or upload a CSV with this information for Multiple Devices. This sends an email (or SMS) to the device user who then opens the communication on the target mobile device and clicks on the provisioning link it contains. From here they simply download and install the MobileGuardian that corresponds to their mobile device’s Operating System, configuring where required. Once complete the device status will change from unregistered to active in the Mobile Devices section of the Dashboard.


Mobile Device Management is available for Apple iOS version 7 or later; Google Android* from version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich); and Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1*. Installing as a configuration profile and app* for Apple iOS, as an app for Google Android and utilises the built-in Mobile Device Management (MDM) client along with an app for Microsoft Phone 8.1*.


Please be aware that Mobile Device Management requires an internet connection (3G, 4G or WiFi) for communication with the Dashboard.


The following sections cover the configuration and application of Mobile Device Management.


Quick Start Guide

Mobile Device Management Policies

Create a new Mobile Device Management Policy

Mobile Device Management Policy Options Overview

General Settings and Usage


Accounts - Apple iOS

Accounts - Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1


Networks - Apple iOS

Networks - Google Android

Networks - Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1


Security - Apple iOS

Security - Google Android

Security - Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1

Dashboard 5.44.5 - Polcy Layout Change

Feature Comparison

Manage Mobile Device Management Policies

Configure Mobile Device Management and select Protection Policies

Amend the Policy on an individual device

Monitor a Mobile Device

Add a Single Mobile Device

Add Multiple Mobile Devices

Example Mobile Device Provisioning Page

Apple iOS Provisioning

Google Android Provisioning

Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 Provisioning

Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 Apps

Mobile Device Provision Email Template

MobileGuardian Information

Edit the Mobile Device

Issue a Command to the Mobile Device

Show on Map

Mobile Device Management Dashboard




Data Usage




iOS Wi-Fi Firewall Requirements

Delete the Mobile Device from the Dashboard


Please be aware that Dashboard user access to, and usage of this feature is dependent upon the permissions associated with their role.


* Please be aware that Windows 10 is currently unsupported.