Networks - Apple iOS


The Apple iOS Mobile Device Management Policy supports multiple Wi-Fi networks.

To enter a network click add_iconAdd, populate the required information then mdm_accounts_saveSave once complete.

The Service Set Identifier (SSID) and Security Type of any entered networks is displayed in the Wi-Fi dialog window.

Click add_icontoAdd another network or highlight an existing network to editEdit or mdm_accounts_deleteRemove.



Service Set Identifier (SSID)

Identifier of the wireless network to connect to.

Auto Join

Automatically join the target network

Hidden Network

Enable where the target wireless network is not open or broadcasting

Security Type

Wireless network security protocol: None, WEP, WPA, Any (Personal)

Enter the Password required to connect to the network where encrypted


Proxy connection settings: None

Manual: Server and Port, Authentication, Password

Automatic: Proxy Server URL

Known Apple iOS 7 issue: the password for proxy authentication is not passed to iOS 7 devices by the profile. Although once the profile is installed, the password can be manually added directly on the iOS 7 device


The Apple iOS Mobile Device Management Policy supports VPN connections.

Click add_iconConfigure to add a VPN connection account and where the account is no longer required click mdm_accounts_deleteRemove Configuration



General VPN Settings

Connection Type

L2TP, PPTP, IPSec (Cisco) or OpenVPN

Connection Name

Identifier for the connection on the mobile device


Address of the VPN server


Username with permissions to access the VPN

Authentication Settings

User Authentication

Password or RSA SecurID


The associated password for the Account

Shared Secret

Additional password that may be required for connection to the VPN.

Send All Traffic

Send all traffic through the proxy


None, Manual or Automatic