Add Multiple Mobile Devices

Rather than enter the required details individually, where a large number of mobile devices are to be placed under management a CSV file can be created and uploaded directly to the Dashboard for bulk invites.

Each CSV file can contain information on up to five hundred devices and the details must be in the following format:

client_name,site_name,device_name,first_name,last_name,email_address,phone_number,send_sms (0/1),byod (0/1)

CSV Format Notes

The client_name and site_name must match the corresponding entries in the Dashboard and only one occurrence of a device_name is permitted per site.

The send_sms and byod fields can be either (0)no or (1) yes.

phone_number is the only non-mandatory field and as such this field may be left blank, for example,,0,1

On the Dashboard go to the Mobile Devices tab and click add_iconAdd Mobile Device or from the File menu go to Add Device, Add Mobile Device to upload the file.

In the Add Mobile Device dialog, select the Multiple Devices tab, click BrowseCSV... navigate to and select the CSV file, then click OK to upload.

Please note, validation of the uploaded file is carried out to first ensure it is in the correct format, with a File type must be CSV error message returned if it is not. If the file is in a CSV format the number of columns is then checked and a failure notification displayed where these do not correspond to the expected number, for example Incorrect number of columns. Expected 9, found 8.


Once uploaded, the information contained in the file is displayed in the dialog with any problem elements highlighted. For details on the cause of the error please hover over the corresponding red cross, these may include Client is invalid, Site is invalid,Duplicate device for row,Device name is required etc.


Please note, any elements in an error state must be resolved before the CSV file can be processed with this achieved by amending the information in the CSV file then re-uploading.

The following provides an example of a CSV file containing the device information in the required format as well as the corresponding entries in the Add Mobile Device dialog.

Retros,Berlin,Android Nexus 4,John,Doe,,771234567890,1,1

Retros,Berlin,Android Nexus 7,John,Doe,,,0,1

Retros,Munich,Android Nexus 4,Jane,Doe,,119876543210,1,0


Once complete click OK to accept the entered details and generate the provisioning email and SMS (where configured) containing the information required to register the mobile device.