Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Monitor Mobile Devices

Devices are added individually or where there are multiple devices to monitor, a CSV file containing their details can be uploaded for bulk invites.

The option to Add Mobile Devices is available from add_iconAdd Mobile Device under the Mobile Devices tab on the Dashboard or from the File menu go to Add Device, Add Mobile Device, then populate the required information.

Once the entered details are accepted a provisioning email - and SMS where configured - is sent to the contact. This invitation contains the information required to register the mobile device including the activation code for Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1^ as well as the territory's server for Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1^.

To install MobleGuardian the user simply opens the registration invitation email or SMS's provisioning page on their mobile device, selects the version of MobileGuardian that corresponds to their device's platform and follows the installation instructions.

We use the following tools to manage the device and retrieve the required information:


Apple iOS

User Installed App

Configuration Profile

Google Android

User Installed App

Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1^

User Installed App

Built-in MDM Client

Devices appear in the Unregistered Devices section of the Mobile Devices tab until MobileGuardian is installed and at this point they then move under the Active Devices section.



The provisioning invitation can be resent by selecting the device in the north pane of the Dashboard and from the Mobile Device drop-down (or right-click on the Mobile Device) go to Resend Provisioning and choose whether to Resent E-Mail or Resend SMS to the original recipient or enter the details of another addressee. Please note, until registered the device's Activation Code is displayed in the Activation Code column when the All Mobile Devices or Unregistered Devices filter is selected.


For Apple iOS we utilize the device’s in-built MDM framework APIs which are controlled via the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) and to permit the APNS traffic when connecting via Wi-Fi specific ports must be open in the firewall.

Where a mobile device is added to the Dashboard this is recorded in the User Audit Report under the Mobile Device filter.

^ Windows 10 is currently unsupported.