Remote Monitoring & Management Help


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To help trace the device, its current position is displayed via OpenStreetMaps in the Location tab of the Dashboard.

The returned map is zoomable with the blue peg displaying the whereabouts of the device, whilst the red circle indicates the accuracy boundary. Clicking on the peg returns additional information including the address, map co-ordinates, accuracy level and the time this information was last updated.



To report its location please ensure a policy with Locate Device is assigned to the device and that the MobileGuarian app was installed.

Google Android

My Location (available from Settings, Location and security) must be enabled to retrieve details on the mobile device's coordinates.

The whereabouts of the Device may affect is ability to return the location information via GPS, for example when in a building or built-up area which does not have a clear view of the sky. As such changing the method employed by the device to locate itself in Location and security under Settings to include Wireless Networks can improve the success rate of this command.

Known issue, the Location command may fail on some devices where the Google Play Services are not up to date.

Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1

Ensure the user opened the MobileGuardian app

Location services (settings, location and settings, applications tab, maps, use my location ) must be enabled to retrieve details on the mobile device's coordinates.

Please check the map app on the device to ensure the correct location is returned when the location is not displayed on the Dashboard.