Remote Monitoring & Management Help

Manage Mobile Device Management Policies

Mobile Device Management policies are managed from the Device Policies dialog available from Settings, Mobile Device Management on the Dashboard.

Edit a Custom Policy

Choose the policy, click Edit - or double-click on the policy - amend the settings as required and Save.

Once saved, the updated policy is applied to all mobile devices it is configured on the next time they report in to the Dashboard

Please note, when editing the policy it is not possible to change the Operating System or ownership type.

Delete a Custom Policy

If a policy is no longer required it may be removed from the Dashboard. Select the policy in the Mobile Device Management Policies dialog, click Delete and confirm deletion.

Please note, a policy cannot be deleted where it is currently in use by a mobile device.



Where a mobile device policy is edited or deleted on the Dashboard this is recorded in the User Audit Report under the Mobile Device Management Policy Settings filter.