Snooze Antivirus - Bitdefender Engine

There may be times when it is useful to create a window where Managed Antivirus does not run scans. For example perform maintenance tasks on the device that may trigger alerts. To handle this scenario Bitdefender includes the option to set a snooze window of up to 60-minutes for Managed Antivirus.

  1. Select one or more devices in the north pane of the Dashboard (Crtl+click for individual devices and Shift+clickfor a range)
  2. Right-click on the target device (or from the Server, Workstation or Device drop-down)
  3. Go to Managed Antivirus Scan > Snooze Antivirus
  4. Enter the length of time in minutes or use the buttons to increase or decrease the value as required
  5. Click OK once complete

To restart Managed Antivirus scanning before the snooze window ends. For example, the maintenance task completed early. Select the device(s) then go to Managed Antivirus Scan > Cancel Snooze

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